What is trending in spa and wellness in 2016?

According to the annual Spafinder Wellness US Trends Report recently out – what is trending in spa and wellness in 2016? Roughly speaking…..

1. Surfing – super-fitness with more young girls and women turning to the waves and to boards in their gyms.

Wine, women and wellness 2016 – Surfing: a great way to stay super-fit

2. From ‘sex therapy’ to ‘sensual fitness’ – retreats for couples offering breathing, acupuncture and Emotional Freedom Therapy and the increasing popularity of sports such as pole dancing.

3. The Temazcal – from Mexico, meaning ‘A House of Steam’. A somewhat primitive, brick hut which acts as a sauna where you can enjoy rituals which cleanse the body, mind and spirit.

4. Spa and wellness for kids – healthy eating, exercise and digital detoxing to help children stave off stress and anxiety, to combat obesity and the effects of screen addiction. Spas are now offering holidays for families (‘spa-milies’) including meditation, yoga, beach dancing, nature walks and snorkelling for youngsters.

5. The adrenaline and zen cocktail – For those who get a kick out of participating in extreme sports such as cliff climbing, freefalling, zip-lining or swinging on a circus trapeze providing that huge adrenalin rush and subsequent release of the stress hormone cortisol. Let the body and mind recover with a massage and steam.

6. Well-Fests – a beauty therapist friend of mine has been selling massages at Weyfest Music Festival for the past 5 years – this somewhat hippie trend is definitely catching on. Rave Yoga and Laughter Yoga – Juice Bars and Salad Bars – bring it on! Instead of coming home after a 3-day festival exhausted, why not come back rejuvenated?

7. On Demand – using your Smartphone App to order a treatment at your home or office at a time to suit you. Personal trainers, home gyms, 24 hour gyms – there really is no excuse look after yourself at your own convenience!

8. Seoul-ful Skin Care – Apparently, there has been a beauty explosion in Korea with the arrival of a mass of skin care products and cosmetics, made for both men and women at very affordable prices. Using natural ingredients – some a little bizarre such as snails and bee venom – and special fermentation methods which claim to convert fruit sugars into more skin friendly enzymes and amino acids.

9. Healthy Cruising – 2016 sees the launch of a new breed of cruise ships which have everything a spa aficionado could wish for – imagine an infinity pool, treatments on your own private deck, hot, wet and cold water experiences and nail bars cum juice bars. Still big buffets but no booze or kit-kats in the mini-bars!

10. Workplace Wellness – this has taken off more in the US than in the UK, however, it is reported that the current approach to attracting and retaining employees is still not working. Different generations want different things – younger workers have higher expectations as to what a company should offer them by way of working hours, the availability of exercise facilities and meals at work (x 3 a day). Some US companies are even offering private cars to take employees to work so that they can avoid a stressful commute – maybe catch up on some sleep too….

A wellness retreat is definitely on my radar for 2016 – perhaps a bit of ‘wine and wellness’ at the brand new Six Senses Spa in the Douro Valley in Portugal or I might head off to Mexico for a bit of sunshine, some surf lessons and laughter yoga on the beach……

To download the full report visit –www.spafinder.com


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