Whittle wine of the week

Brief notes to the reader about my ‘Wine Journey’

Whereas I am a mere amateur when it comes to wine, you should note that I am an experienced wine taster and drinker having spent 10 years as Sales & Marketing Director at The Vineyard at Stockcross working my way through their cellar consisting of more than 20,000 wines (heavy emphasis on the Californian); then, 5+ years attending monthly wine tastings hosted by a couple of well known wine educators.  I have also studied wine and passed with Merit the WSET Level 2 exam.  Gutted that I missed the distinction by 2% in that I gave the wrong answer to the gin question!  Oh and I also spent a short stint working in a wine shop!

You should know that I am an ‘ABC’ when it comes to white wine (anything but Chardonnay!) and I am very fussy about my Sauvignon Blanc’s so I am always on the look out for alternative white wines and especially enjoy white wines from France, Spain and Italy.

In 2016, most women, like me, will be more conscious about the amount of wine they consume and let’s face it, none of us really like spending more that £10.00 a bottle (£15.00 for a special occasion maybe) so my focus in these blog posts will be about recommending small quantities of delicious wines at value for money prices – the lower the ABV the better.

So onto my ‘Wine of the week’ – this week I am enjoying a bottle of Soave Classico from the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range.  “Crisp with a mineral finish, zesty with both lemon and lime flavours” this will take you forward to the summer months.  I get a slightly bitter after taste reminiscent of the skin of a peach which I am reliably informed is typical of the Garganega grape.

A bargain at only £7.00 a bottle.  12% alcohol and 86 kcal per 125 ml glass (=1/6 of a bottle).

One small glass hits the spot at the end of a hard day…..


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