Cheers to healthier wines…..

Last week at my monthly wine club, we tasted some delicious Sardinian wines.  Not knowing that much about their wines nor indeed their country, I was fascinated to learn that Sardinia has been named one of only 10 ‘Blue Zones’ around the world meaning that the people of Sardinia are amongst the healthiest people in the world and that the Island claims to have the highest percentage of people living to 100.

Apart from a healthy food diet, Sardinians are partial to a glass or two of an obscure red wine called ‘Cannonau’ grown throughout Sardinia.  This grape variety, based on the Grenache grape but with a thicker skin contains various compounds in particular, one called ‘resveratrol’ which is high in anti-oxidants thus contributing towards a stronger heart and the potential of a longer life.

The one we tasted was delicious but not readily available so I am on a mission to find a bottle – however, whilst searching the shelves of Waitrose on Saturday, I did find an excellent Sardinian white wine – one of my favourite grape varieties Le Stelle Vermentino. This definitely falls into my ABC (anything but Chardonnay) and under £10.00 delicious wine category.  The tasting notes sum it up very well – “lemon, zippy and fresh, mineral with a long finish”.  Recommended.

And lastly, to finish off the healthy wine theme, a couple of other low-ish ABV wines which have been brought to my attention lately –

Olly Smith’s wine of the week @ £5.99 – Lidl’s Axis Riesling from the Clare Valley in Australia.  ABV 12%.

And available from Marks and Spencer’s an unusual Spanish wine from the North East Coast of Spain – Alaia ‘Txakoli’ (pronounced Chack-oh-lee) at only 11%.

Let me know you you find a Cannonau or indeed any other really tasty low ABV wines.


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