Bored of Prosecco?

I finally decided that I was bored of drinking Prosecco when at a party just before Christmas, this was all that was on offer and after drinking about six glasses all from different bottles I presume to have been brought by different guests, I decided that I didn’t actually enjoy any of them and that it was time to move on…..

So what are the alternatives?

  1. Cremant  – (made in regions outside of Champagne – amongst the most well known – ‘de Bourgogne’, ‘de Limoux’, ‘d’Alsace’, ‘du Jura’, ‘de Loire’) – these are delicious sparkling wines made using the same method as used to make Champagne but from local grapes.

Although I try to stay clear of the ones that are two Chardonnay-esque,  two that I have enjoyed recently:

Cremant de Loire Cuvee 1864 Brut – Gratien & Meyer Saumer £14.95 from The Wine Society (this is actually made in a lesser known wine growing region of Anjou-Saumur in the Loire Valley) and

Cremant de Loire Brut – Prince Alexandra – £12.99 from Waitrose Cellar – this one has the aroma of Chardonnay but tastes typically of the local Chenin Blanc grape.

2.  Cava – I am going to make 2016 the year of ‘Come-back Cava’.  I drank alot of Cava when I was 16 years old – getting a taste for it on my first ever holiday to North East Spain (which is where most of it comes from).  To me, Cava tastes more ‘fruity’ than Prosecco.

Sainsbury’s do an easy drinking vintage Cava in their Taste the Difference range and it’s currently on offer at only £7.00 a bottle (and 11% alcohol).  I wouldn’t be embarrassed to take this zesty wine along to any summer parties – best served really cold.

3.  English sparking wines – with hundreds of vineyards springing up all over the UK (including the North of England), sales of English sparkling wines have been increasing massively over the past couple of years.  I am lucky enough to live within close range of some of the best suppliers and have most recently enjoyed a vineyard tour and a tasting of these two sparkling numbers:

Jenkyn Place Brut 2010 – around the £24.00 mark check here  for you local stockist and secondly, close to the renowned Nyetimber Vineyards in Sussex –

Upperton Vineyard Nebula 2011 – £24.50 – I am loving the purple label and also, the view from The Vineyard is stunning.  Just off the A272 near Petworth if you fancy a visit.  Upperton Vineyards

Finally, one which has recently come to my attention in that Kate Moss and other super skinny celebrities have been seen drinking it – a ‘low calorie Champagne’ which claims to have only 60 calories a glass (1/3 of the calories of regular Champagne) and sticking with the theme…..however, it comes at a price Thomson and Scott do a version as do Laurent-Perrier which retail @ £50.00 a bottle!  Only for the serious (and rich) dieter!

Have you found any good alternatives to Prosecco?

Let’s give them a try this summer and at least give ‘Cava a Come-Back’!






4 thoughts on “Bored of Prosecco?

  1. Have you tried Graham Beck Fizz from South Africa………? Beat a ton of Champagnes in a blind tasting we had last summer …available from Majestic Wine at £9.99 if you buy six bottles from them………


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