Whittle (bargain) wine of the week

Reminding you that I am an ‘ABC’ when it comes to white wine (anything but Chardonnay and not really a fan of Sauvignon) so I like to try anything but…..

Whereas I would never normally buy a Gavi wine (made from the cortese grape and grown in Northern Italy), this one was given to me by someone who drinks it on a very regular basis.

It went down very well with my Sunday roast chicken and I can imagine, it would be great with fish and pasta – plus I can’t quite get over the very ‘easy to swallow’ price of £6.50.

The tasting notes describe it as ‘rich and citrussy with some orange blossom’ – the grapes are late harvest and it as been slowly fermented with a just a touch of oak.  A really long finish as they say – and great after a long day.  Now here’s to a long weekend…..

Available from Tescos

Coming soon – and in the words of my husband – ‘you can’t beat a Chilean Merlot’ or can you?


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