Don’t we all want to live to 90 like the Queen (Global Wellness Day this coming Saturday 11th June)

It is still not late.  This day is not just for spas and wellness organisations, it is a reminder that we can all do something to contribute towards our own wellness – both physical and mental.

For me, I recently took up a new sport – Pickleball – at my local spa/gym.  A bit like Nordic walking, none of my friends have ever heard of it which is forgivable in that it is very new to this country.  Apparently very popular in America and Spain, Pickleball can be played indoors and outdoors  and is a combination of tennis and badminton, played over a mid-height net (usually as doubles) with a bat which is called a paddle.  The ball is plastic and about the size of a tennis ball but with holes like a plastic golf ball.

Anyway, you can watch a video here if you are interested.

BUT the BEST BIT is that since I started playing 6 weeks ago – for 1.5 hours a week, once a week, I have lost a couple of pounds!

For my part, as well as planning to keep it up and improve my serve, I have decided following a recent health check to cut back on my vices over the summer – cheese, butter and bread and go for quality rather than quantity wines…..

Is there anything you can do too?

Happy Birthday to the Queen!



Some odd tips for odd days when the English sun is out…

Slightly irritated by all of the wine companies pushing out their summer wines when quite frankly, with some of the cold days we have been having, all you want to do is drink a warming, full bodied red…..

However, here are few of my latest tips for what to drink in the English sun.

1/  Young Greek wine – If you can find any, the grapes to look out for are from the beautiful island of Santorini, Santorini Assytiko (available in some Waitrose stores) and also the Malagousia grape which is very pale has a lovely orange blossom nose, is clean, fresh and minerally with a long aftertaste.  Up coming Greek wines can be found for around the £10 mark and you won’t be disappointed.  Just avoid Retsina!

2/  Have you tried a quality French Pinot Noir straight from the fridge?   Enough said.

3/  Vouvray – the Chenin Blanc grape from the Loire Valley – I have found a few I like recently one of them at Majestic and good value – La Grille by Paul Buisse.

4/  Rose – stick with Provence / France and unless you like Princess Petrol, go as pale as you can.