Spa Partners is a niche Sales and Marketing Consultancy specialising in the hotel and spa industries.  

Catherine has spent over 30 years helping business owners and operators by creating and developing sales and marketing strategies and award winning campaigns which realise potential, deliver results and give the owners a return on their investment. A positive thinker, she is creative, innovative, inspirational and motivational.

From her extensive network of industry colleagues, Catherine has established working relationships with a selected number of business Partners who are also experts in their fields and who she now recommends directly to her clients.


Catherine is an advocate of best practice sales and strategic marketing, keeping up to date with the market and is always aware of and keen to embrace emerging trends.  She is not afraid to try new things, or challenge existing ways of doing things.  She is passionate and determined and if your business needs re-energising or you are launching something new, she will first of all help you frame your vision, then working with your team, develop an effective sales and marketing strategy, nail your differentiators and then finally kickstart into action a plan to make it happen!

See for more.


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