What’s on my list 1st Feb – 31st Oct 2017?

Yes, ‘Dry January’ is finally over (for me it was 27 long days v 15 last year!).  So liver rested, a few pounds lighter and a few pounds saved, I am now looking forward to treating my taste buds to some new drinks in 2017….and I will be doing ‘Dry November’ this year as ‘Dry January’ is just too hard….

1/  Wines from Rioja – Tonight we are tasting 9 red wines from the Rioja region at our monthly wine club.  Until I discovered the Baron de Ley 2010 in December 2016, I was not convinced I liked Rioja …. but if you are keen to explore more – WATCH THIS SPACE!

2/  The Negroni Cocktail – named after Count Camillo Negroni in the early 1900’s, first mixed in Florence, the Negroni originally started out as an Americano – until the bartender swapped the soda water for gin.

Made from one part Gin, one part Campari, and one part sweet Vermouth (Martini Rosso)  with a strip of orange peel over some ice.  Or, you can add 2 dashes of Angostura Orange Bitters.

This is my favourite cocktail and in 2017, I plan to play around with it a bit – and try it HOT – yes HOT!!!

3/  Fino Sherry – When Jo Fattorini, presenter of ITV’s The Wine Show was on Mastermind recently (I think it was him!) – asked what his favourite wine tip was – he replied “You can’t beat fish and chips with a drop of Fino Sherry”!.  On the list.

4/  The Skinny Bitch – the skinny girls in my yoga classes all drink this – Grey Goose Vodka with Soda….got to be done!

5/  Rum, coconut water, mint and lime – will wait for the summer for this one.  I was interested to watch on this week’s Food Unwrapped how Rum is made – pure sugar cane and water mainly!

6/  Coffee from Guatemala – Sainsbury’s do a nice one – Modern Standard Momentum Blend whole beans @ £4.50;  and also fresh Jasmine tea leaves – I hate Green tea!

7/  Cava – yes more Cava – I spent 2016 trying to move my friends away from the sickly sweet Prosecco’s to Cava – the best one I have found so far is Cordoniu which is widely available – Majestic stock it for £6.99.

8/  I can’t remember why I put this on my list to try – it’s from Waitrose, it’s organic and it is from Puglia.   Terrie de Faiano Primitivo 2015 @ £9.49.   When I have tried it, maybe I will remember the reason….and I promise I will report back!

I need to stop at 8.   9 & 10 should be white wines but I am debating cutting down on my consumption of white wines and am going to try and stick with reds and the above for a while…..

Please let me know if you discover any fabulous new wines.  Here’s to a happy, sunny and healthy 2017!

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