My new best friend Nathalie….

Whilst searching for a suitable wine to serve up to my wine connoisseur friend Nathalie this weekend, I stumbled upon this superb Sauvignon Blanc called believe it or not ‘Nathalie’ – even though as a rule, I don’t do Sauvignon Blanc……

So meet my new friend Nathalie….from Reuilly in the Loire Valley.

She is classic of the Loire Valley with a well balanced blend of gooseberry and lime but the bit that impressed me was the subtle after taste of honey – so not expected but sooo delicious.

Recommended as an aperitif and only 12.5% – I will definitely be drinking this chilled over the summer.  I challenge you not to like it.

Just £9.99 from Majestic.   (Although it doesn’t appear to be on their website, I am sure they will do you a deal for 6)