Last of the Summer wines….

Wow, was that summer?  I read that sales of Rose wine have doubled this summer which I find somewhat surprising in that I can’t be the only one who drinks it when the sun is actually OUT!!

As for me, I have bucked the trend that says ‘It’s summer, you must drink Rose!’ and I have been enjoying some more cold, red wines from the fridge, Cava as opposed to Prosecco and have been re-discovering Vinho Verde and the occasional Sauvignon Blanc!  Majestic has been my favourite wine shop and I am very excited that my local branch is having a makeover soon!

So, my top 3 recommendations to take you into the Autumn:

1/  Love the name ‘La La Land’ – loving even more the label – it’s a Tempranillo from Australia, it’s all ‘cherries, berries, liquorice and spice’ yet light, fruity and refreshing – and only £7.99 @ Majestic.

2/  Rocca Grimaldi Chianti, also 2015, the perfect accompaniment to meats and cheeses – I enjoyed it with a lunch time picnic!   £8.50 from Hennings Wines

3/  Quinta de Azevedo, Vinho Verde, 2015 a ‘green wine’ from the Minho region of Northern Portugal.  Retaining that classic spritz, this is great served as an aperitif.

It was on offer at Majestic and again a great find at under £10.00.