Still wines. England v Wales?

I couldn’t help but notice one or two English still wines appearing on our supermarket shelves in recent months,  and when spending a beautiful, and as it turned out sunny weekend in Wales a couple of weeks ago, I popped in to visit The Sugarloaf Vineyards which sit at the foot of the romantic sounding Sugarloaf Mountain, near Abergavenny to find out whether the Welsh soil and climate would make a difference to the taste of the wine.

So these are the four I tried and compared – in common were that they were all 11-12% alcohol and produced in 2014 (I am told English wines need to be drunk young).

Starting with my least favourite:

Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking, Surrey – Flint Valley – Too much lemon/citrus on the palate.  I preferred the Surrey Gold I had tried a couple of years ago.  £12.99

Chapel Down, Tenterden, Kent – Bacchus – Again, the tropical fruits not really coming through the lemon/lime/green pepper flavours.   £12.99

The Bolney Estate, Sussex – Autumn Spice  The most aromatic, fruity and easy drinking of the  whites and I would buy this again but not at the steep price of £12.99.

So, now to my favourite wine – you’ve guessed it, it was the Welsh Sugarloaf Vineyard’s Rose or Blush.   It reminded me of part Provencal Rose and part Pinot Grigio Blush.  Definitely the most quaffable of the lot and I would buy this again – even at £11.99.

Has anyone found an English (Welsh) still wine in one of the supermarkets that they have enjoyed and would pay £10 + for?